This American Life

Ranging from the offbeat and hilarious to the poignant and informative, This American Life presents stories that keep you listening for the outcome, with host Ira Glass.

Built around the innovative, personal vision of Glass, This American Life, from Public Radio International and WBEZ/Chicago, documents and describes contemporary America. It is, quite literally, a new kind of radio storytelling. Each episode of This American Life explores a weekly theme -- fiascos, sentencing, conventions, the job that takes over your life -- through a mix of radio monologues, mini-documentaries, "found tape," original fiction, and non-fiction. The stories on This American Life are engaging, intimate, surprising, funny, disturbing, bittersweet. Glass has an unusual knack for finding writers and performers whose work hasn't been heard on radio, and producing their stories alongside his own disarming commentary in a way that listeners praise as "riveting," "mesmerizing."

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This American Life has archived all of the programs you hear on WYEP weekly. You may purchase a cassette copy or listen on-line with Real Audio at You can even hear bonus tracks or segments that didn't get to air in full. Join in on the fun of discussing your favorite episode on the TAL discussion boards.