Music Together

  Teach your child the joy of making music.   At Music Together, children and their caretakers explore music-making, regardless of technical ability. Children learn to actively experience music alongside the people with whom they are most comfortable.   Starting Sunday, September 15, WYEP will partner with Music Together to offer eight weekly classes at the WYEP Community Broadcast Center. The Mixed Ages class for children ages 0-5 will start at 9:30 a.m. and the Big Kids class for kindergartners through second graders will start at 10:30 a.m.  

The goal of Music Together is to increase children’s innate love for music making and develop their musical skills. Class teachers lead children and their caretakers through musical encounters that include songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement activities and instrumental play time.   The classes value the influence of adult caretakers actively participating in the experience to set an example for their children and create a safe and comfortable place for the kids to explore music.   For 45 minutes a week, participants make music through playful, interactive ways that focus on tonal and rhythmic elements of music, free expressive dance, small and large movement, prop play and opportunities for improvisation.   Register for the 8-week session at Music Together's website. The session costs $150 for the first child and $110 for registered siblings 8 months and older. WYEP members get $25 off the registration fee by using the coupon code "WYEP Member".