Morning Mix

Join Cindy Howes and Joey Spehar each weekday morning from 6:00am – 10:00am (EST) for a delightful mix of music, news, and special features. 

Cin n Joe


The Daily Feedback

  • Every weekday at 7:15am, Cindy and Joey reveal the topic of the day on 91.3fm.
  • Submit your ideas on songs that relate to the topic for The Daily Feedback.
  • Throughout the day, you can submit related songs via emailTwitter or Facebook.
  • Tune in each weekday afternoon at 4:20pm to hear The Daily Feedback 3 song set with Rosemary Welsch on 91.3fm WYEP.

The Daily Feedback - weekday mornings at 7:15am (EST)


Cool Kids

  • Every weekday at 8:15am Joey Spehar brings a Kid-Approved song on The Morning Mix.
  • Joey will share a story from a fellow parent talking about a song they've shared with their children.
  • We'll hear from listeners, musicians, and local celebrities.
  • Email Joey if you'd like to contribute to this segment.

Cool Kids - weekday mornings at 8:15am (EST)


Dwelling on the Past

  • Tune in every weekday morning at 9:00am for massive amounts of nostalgia on The Morning Mix.
  • You’ll hear a set of songs that cross genres and decades. Whether it’s a song from the 1950’s or something from 2002, it’ll surely get your attention!
  • Taking you back while taking you by surprise, you’re bound to hear something you love on Dwelling on The Past.

Dwelling on the Past - weekday mornings at 9:00am (EST)




Pairings:  Friday mornings at 7:30am and 9:15am (EST)


The 9:13 Buzz

913 Buzz

The 9:13 Buzz:  Wednesday mornings at 9:13am (EST)

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