Matthew Spangler


Education Program Manager 

I plan and manage education programs for all ages at WYEP. If you have questions about internships or tours let me know! Ask me about Re(imagine) Media, WYEP's teen-led program centered on media and advocacy. Knowing that I work in a non-profit, public radio station is amazing! Being able to work at an awesome media outlet like WYEP is incredible. I love meeting the volunteers and members of the station and the staff are supportive and encouraging, making WYEP a rewarding organization to be a part of. Being fortunate enough to be the driver for acts like G. Love and Minus the Bear have been experiences that I would not have many other places. I enjoy being around lively individuals who appreciate alternative thinking. I love listening to a variety of music and creating mixes. I believe it’s good to mix up artists and genres to keep life interesting. The Beatles are a staple, while Bob Marley plays in the summer, Pink Floyd for the long drives and Hip-Hop for the void. Spring is my favorite time of year. You can find me out n’ about swimming, camping, playing disc golf or just walking around the great city of Pittsburgh!

[email protected]