Local Music

If you are a local Pittsburgh musician or band member who is interested in having 91.3 WYEP play your music, please mail a hard copy of your album to the following address:

Joey Spehar
WYEP Community Broadcast Center
67 Beford Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Requirements for Local Music Submission:

- It must be in a playable CD format.

- The album must be currently for sale online, available on a major audio-streaming platform or in local record stores. 

- Music must be comparable quality both techically and aesthetically to other professionally produced recordings played on WYEP. This does not mean we only accept professionally produced material, but that it must meet the high standards held for music played on WYEP. 

- The material must have been created by a musician or band currently living in Pittsburgh, or the Western Pennsylvania region.

- Music must fall into WYEP's Triple A (Adult Album Alternative) format. 

- Once a submission of local music is sent, the physical CD becomes the property of WYEP.

If you have any questions about the requirements to submit local music to be played by 91.3 WYEP, please email Joey Spehar at [email protected]