Get To Know Liz Felix Of The Evening Mix

Pittsburgh City Paper music writer Jordan Snowden is highlighting women DJs in Pittsburgh. She stopped by the Evening Mix to talk with Liz Felix about her career in radio.  

"I've been doing this about 16 years. Actually, I might be coming up on my 17th year in radio which is very hard to believe but there it is. I started in college," said WYEP's Liz Felix.

The two spoke about what led Felix to a career in radio.

"I just knew that I loved music. I was an English major in college and I thought maybe I would just keep going to school indefinitely but what ended up happening was I started getting involved in my college radio station and I just decided that I love doing this, I love playing music on the radio for other people, introducing people to bands they haven't heard of before and I happended to get kind of lucky to be honest, because a job opened up when I got out of school and they took a chance on me." 

Hear the full segment below: