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Friday, July 27th, 2018 |  Schenley Plaza, 7-10pm



Jake Hanner met the future lead singer of his band a few hours after she was born. He was disappointed she was a girl and cried.  Eighteen years later, Jake got over it, and he and his sister Casey decided to start a band. “We didn't grow up listening to a lot of the same music,” explains Casey, “but when we started writing together, we realized that we approached creating music in the same way.” The brother sister duo also quickly realized that their shared upbringing could translate to solid pop tunes.  The recording process has always been a family affair for Donora, with bassist Jake Churton an honorary part of the family. The Hanners were raised in a musical household, living over the recording studio their father runs. It was their father who suggested the duo even play together in the first place. Casey’s bedroom was directly above the studio’s control room, and she attributes her ability to sleep through anything to this fact. Jake grew up watching his father in the studio and happened to pick up a thing or two. He recently built his own studio where he engineers and produces the band's albums. “I wanted a place where we could come together as a band and just create,” Jake explains of the band's new recording home.  Donora's fourth full-length release on Rostrum Records is titled Sun To Me. As the band puts it, this album is about choosing love. Casey explains, "When it's hard to make sense of everything around you, you can always escape to a world of light and love through music.”


Chet Vincent & Biirdwatcher

Chet Vincent has been kicking around Pittsburgh bars and clubs, playing in bands since he was a teenager. A regular fixture both at small open mics and at rock venues with his band The Big Bend, Vincent has quietly established a reputation as one of the city’s most dedicated figures. For his latest album Where The Earth Opens Wide, released earlier this year on Misrah records, he assembled a super group of Pittsburgh musicians from bands like The Harlan Twins, Wreck Loose and Broken Fences that he calls “Biirdwatcher” to bring a folkier more acoustic vibe to his new songs.  Vincent continues to grow and find his voice. He’s always been a storyteller, weaving characters and situations into songs. Vincent is one of those musicians who serve to show us that working hard and honing your voice really do pay off. 


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