Variations on Vision: Exercises in Conditioning Perception

Curated by Taylor Stanton. Pierre Hebert describes his film Around Perception as an exercise "for the eye and against the eye" of the viewer. Variations on Vision is an exploration of Hebert's use of the word exercise to characterize the function of film. Included in the program are films and videos that operate as exercises in perceptual (de-)engineering; these works dismantle the viewer's conventional understanding of space and, ultimately, reality. Featured in the program is the first section of Stan Brakhage's "Scenes from Under Childhood" shown on 16mm film.

The screening is FREE and open to all-ages.

Attendees over the age of 18 will also receive free admission to “DETOUR presents: Poupon” a music showcase featuring Toronto-born DJ/Producer Poupon. The showcase will take place after the screening at the same location.

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