Throughline Theatre Presents:A New Death

Death is a mystery. Not simply is there an after-life? Or where do we go? But why?   Why do people die when and how they do?  Is it predestined?  Is there a plan?  There can't really be a plan, can there?  Due in large part to the arbitrary, chaotic, and often downright ridiculous nature in which it is handled (by whoever's running this circus!), Death makes about as much sense as the conference call you had to sit on about the power-point presentation you slept through half of at that manager's meeting you showed up late to last week.  Envisioning the transition to the after-life as a mismanaged monopoly, A New Death lifts the curtain on an industry rife with corporate waste and bureaucratic cover-ups, revealing a system riddled with red tape, office politics, and incompetence... lots and lots of incompetence.


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