The Hernies, Vireo, Spherehead

The Hernies started as the brainchild and solo-recording project of Henry Barbe (guitar & vox) in Athens, GA in 2013. The project has since developed into a 4-piece band with the additions of Winston Barbe (guitar), Evan Amburn (bass & vox), and Glenn Reece (drums) . The expansion has brought the solo project from the basement to the stage. A blend of art-rock and power-pop, the Hernies have a great mix of short, fast, poppy energetic bursts and longer, more drawn-out, slow, meandering songs, both of which are equally satisfying. The debut album "If You Can't Think, Then You Cannot Be Afraid of the Consequences of Your Actions" will be released on Orange Twin Records in 2017.

They are headlining a late show at Club Cafe on May 26th with Vireo and Shperehead.