The 10th Annual “Tour the Montour” Trail Ride

If you and your family enjoy riding on the trail for relaxation, or if you consider yourself a long-distance trail cyclist, come join in for a fun-filled day on the Montour Trail. Five (5) different ride lengths entirely on the Montour Trail are planned for this event. You will be able to choose from the Metric Century ride distance of 62 miles, the long-distance ride of 44 miles, intermediate rides of 15 or 24 miles, or a 6-mile family fun ride. Staggered start times are scheduled for each ride distance. Support is available for mechanical problems, and assistance is provided along the course. Rest stops will be stationed along the course with fruit, snacks and beverages.

3rd Annual King/Queen of the Mountain Challenge! All riders have the option to be timed individually up a 7/10ths of a mile hill ( Hassam Road – closed to traffic). At an average of an 8% grade, the man and woman with the fastest times will truly be the King and Queen of the Mountain and will receive a special bicycling jersey.
All registered participants are eligible for prizes and giveaways. After the ride, please plan to stay and enjoy great food, drinks and other goodies at Brothers Grimm (Mile 3).

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