Our Class, a PICT Premiere

Our Class, by Tadeusz Slobodzianek in an English version by Ryan Craig and inspired by the Jan Gross book, Neighbors. A Pittsburgh Premiere – in association with The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh and directed by Directed by Andrew S. Paul.

Who killed the Jews of Jedwabne and why? Jan Gross’ controversial book Neighbors uncovered a chilling truth about one village: that up to 1600 Jews may have been killed by their own neighbors and not the Nazis after all. In his award-winning play inspired by Gross’ book, Tadeusz Slobodzianek introduces us to schoolmates Dora and Rysiek, Zocha and Jakob, children dreaming of futures as teachers, film stars and soldiers. We see them grow up to betray one another as Germany and Russia invade their country; fear, envy and paranoia beget violence, murder, revenge, retribution and, ultimately, redemption. A unique collaboration with The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

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