Numbered Premiere

Pittsburgh Premiere
Directors: Uriel Sinai and Dana Doron
2012, Israel, 55 minutes
Hebrew and English with subtitles

What’s in a number? More than you can imagine if it was tattooed on your arm in a concentration camp. Some 400,000 prisoners got them in Auschwitz, but only a few thousand are still alive. This powerful documentary gives voice to some of the survivors, who give riveting Holocaust testimony and discuss the meaning their numbers took on after the war and beyond with surprising humor and wit. Gita Kalderon (76914) is the optimist, Joka Levi (A11998) is the realist, and Dani Hanoch (B2823) is the adventurer; all have a lot to say about how their numbers have shaped them.

Winner - Best Debut Film Award – 2012 Israeli Documentary Forum Awards
Winner - Silver Hugo Award – 2012 Chicago International Film Festival