Nelson Illusions Smoke & Mystery Tour

What can your family do together this Halloween? Well, for the Nelson family, Halloween is every day of the year! This husband, wife and daughter illusionist team presents a mystical cabaret stage show that will more than put you in the trick-or-treat mood. 

The Nelsons' Smoke & Mystery Tour is tinged with the performers' trademark vaudeville style of performance while awing the audience with brilliantly modern, eye-popping feats that have sold out shows across the U.S. and beyond. We won't spoil the show for you, but among the many wonders of the night, expect to see a 4,000-pound industrial drill!

Performer Jeff Nelson stepped into his magical world of illusion at the age of five; come witness the experience of a lifetime of fantastical wonderment that is as much fun for your family as it is for his and thousands of others who have experienced Nelson Illusions Smoke & Mystery Tour!

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