Map and Compass Orienteering at Frick Park

The international sport of orienteering involves finding a sequence of location checkpoints using only a specially-designed topographic map and compass. Various levels of difficulty are offered, from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Map reading and interpretation is the most important skill. Checkpoints may be located off-trail and in remote areas. Rather than a mass-start, the participants are started one minute apart from each other to avoid that one follows the other. Families or groups can do the event togheter. Cost is $5/map. If family or group is sharing one map, cost is still just $5 for entire family or group. Instruction is available on site by volunteers. Event happens rain or shine. Wear shoes for muddy terrain and clothing for possible inclement weather. Appropriate for children and as well for athletes. Registration and start occurs anytime between 10 AM and 1 PM. Everyone must finish by 2:30 PM.

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