Luminari's Fantastic Fiction Writing: 3-Day Summer Camp For Teens

Beginner's fiction often fails because the plot is too ordinary or simply disorganized. In this intensive three-day summer workshop designed especially for teens, you'll learn how to craft a logical storyline; structure scenes for maximum creative impact; and devise realistic conflicts with satisfying resolutions. Once you have the basic outline, then you'll learn how to make your characters and plot come alive with powerful, descriptive writing, figurative language, and original and accurate details. In-class exercises and brief out-of-class excursions will focus on three key areas: How to make characters memorable; how to create distinct settings; and how to describe awesome action sequences. Over the course of this three-day summer camp, teenagers develop a complete fiction story, and workshop it just as the pros do. Forget flat, one-dimensional fiction and give your readers a story that will stick with them long after they read the last page!

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