Everyone's Out To Get You: A Beck 'Song Reader' Performance

An performance of 'Song Reader' -Beck's latest album of sheet music-in its entirety. Everyone's Out To Get You includes cabaret, jazz, folk, rock and Americana versions of this riveting music collection.

All twenty songs are arranged by Richard Gartner for a ten-piece ensemble and features Pittsburgh's finest musicians: The easygoing folk sway of The Wreckids; the bluesy fingerpicking of The Grifters; The New Orleans-meets-Appalachia ukelele musings of Elliott Sussman; and the gold-lame baritone sensibilities of Mark Snyder from Sugar Daddy and the Big Boned Girls.

To quote Beck: These songs are here "to be brought to life-or at least remind us that, not so long ago, a song was only a piece of paper until it was played by someone. Anyone."

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