Dos Equis Singer Songwriter Competition 2015 @ Excuses

WYEP, Dos Equis and Pittsburgh distributor Wilson-McGinley present a local singer/songwriter showcase that will take place at local bars, mainly throughout Lawrenceville. 


To Register:

Email with your name, phone number, and preferred performance date. It is not necessary to send a demo of your song; and although priority will be given to your preferred performance date, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis – so sign up today!


Event Description:

During the events listed below, performers will have 5 minutes to play 1 original song in front of a live audience. Three winners from each preliminary event will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of two members from WYEP; and will advance to a final competition on August 24, 2015.


Songs must be original, written by the performer, and performed live. No recorded tracks will be accepted for use during the competition. Each venue will have all the equipment necessary for you to perform – all you need to bring is your preferred instrument. If you do not play an instrument, you may bring 1 person to accompany you. However, this competition is intended to be for solo performances, so if you bring an accompanying artist, she/he is expected to be the only instrumentalist and not provide back-up vocals. With that being said, songs sung a capella are absolutely welcome!


Event Dates:

Event dates are on the following Mondays, at the locations known at this time:

June 1st (Thunderbird Café)

June 15th (Excuses)

June 29th (BZ’s North Shore)

July 13th ((Hambones)

July 27th

August 10th (New Amsterdam)

Finals – August 24th



Songs will be judged on the basis of originality, overall performance, style, and crowd engagement. The two judges at each event will choose the artist that she/he thinks best fits the criteria stated above. A third finalist, the “crowd favorite” will be selected by popular vote by the audience. The more votes you have, the better your chances of moving on to the final round: so bring your friends!



Each competition will have cash prizes awarded to event finalists/winners. Winners of the final competition earn cash and the opportunity to play a live show at the WYEP’s studio on the Southside during one of their signature Local 913 concerts (formerly Third Thursdays). These prizes are summarized below.


Prizes for Finalists of the Preliminary Events:

1st Place – $50 cash and WYEP Gift Bag + proceed to final event

2nd Place – $30 cash and WYEP Gift Bag + proceed to final event

3rd Place – $20 cash and WYEP Gift Bag + proceed to final event


Grand Prizes for Winners of the Final Competition:

1st Place – $400  + WYEP Local 913 Performance

2nd Place – $250 + WYEP Local 913 Performance

3rd Place – $150 + WYEP Local 913 Performance





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