David Cutler with Project Piñata – “Swinging with a Blindfold”

Indian rhythms, Bulgarian weddings, salsa montuno, Bach Minuets, nuevo tango, techno grooves, Klezmer dance, jazz licks, country twang, and Schumann tunes together as one.

Co-presented by Chamber Music Pittsburgh

Project Piñata is a virtuosic, genre-hopping trio made up of David Cutler (piano), Craig Butterfield(bass), and Marc Widenhofer (drums). As the name implies, they love taking perfectly good music and smashing it wide open with hopes of discovering surprising sweetness on the inside. No musical style is off limits, having re-imagined everything from tango to twelve-tone to Turkish to Tchaikovsky to techno, and even some genres beginning with letters beyond “T.” For this concert, they are delighted to be joined by violinist Erika Cutler.

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