Creative.Life.Support's Womens' Revival Showcase

Creative.Life.Support Revival Series presents:

Women’s Revival Showcase

Featuring Liz Berlin of Rusted Root with special guests

Von Grey, Jasmine Tate, Kiersten Kelly, and more to be announced


            When:                      Saturday December 14th, 6:00PM


            Where:                     Mr. Smalls Theatre, 400 Lincoln Ave

                                             Millvale, PA 15209 


            Cost:                      Over 21: Free                Under 21: $2.00



Mr. Smalls Theatre will be hosting some of the most talented female artists in the Pittsburgh area on Saturday December 14th.  This is a fantastic opportunity for fans and artists to explore and support the active movement of female performers throughout our city. 


  • Headlined by Liz Berlin of multi-platinum band Rusted Root and Drowning Clowns, this concert will feature a wide assortment of local female talent in Pittsburgh. 
  • Atlanta-based Von Grey, fresh off of a two-week tour with Rusted Root, consists four multi-instrumentalist prodigy sisters aged 14 to 18, with family roots in Pittsburgh.
  • Jasmine Tate, is a neo-soul indie artist with inspiring songs to encourage her generation to love, think, and move more deeply.
  • Born without a right forearm, guitarist/singer/songwriter Kiersten Kelly, a Pittsburgh native turned internet-viral sensation is the personification of talent and determination.


Join us as we celebrate a few of the diverse female artists that inspire and drive the Pittsburgh music scene.


Creative.Life.Support Revival SeriesThe “2013 Revival Series” is a revolutionary model of local showcases where admission is free for over 21 ($2 for under 21). Each band will be distributing free tickets and are paid according to how many of their tickets are redeemed at the door.


Because in our perfect world:  Shows are free, people show up,

bands get paid & local music reigns supreme!


Creative.Life.Support is the non-profit offshoot of the Mr. Smalls family. It includes a record label, multiple music programs, a documentary movie in the works, and a college internship program. The main goal of Creative.Life.Support is to raise awareness about local talent, promote creativity and provide opportunities that musicians, artists, and athletes need to achieve their personal ambitions.

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