Connect Your City Happy Hour

Join the Sprout fund to learn about the 14 funded projects from Connect Your City and their upcoming activities. 

Each project manager will present a one-minute elevator pitch about their project and connect with one another and guest attendees to determine potential avenues for collaboration. Not to mention that The Shadow Lounge will be closing its doors the following week after almost 13 years in East Liberty. 

The funded projects include innovative and exciting programs like: 

Ninety, a board game that takes players across all 90 of Pittsburgh's neighborhoods on a campaign of canvassing, fundraising, and attending events to become mayor of the whole city. 

Song for Pittsburgh, a one-day performance piece during which six singers in six different Pittsburgh neighborhoods will sing the same song written by Jennifer Meyers for the city and the people of Pittsburgh. 

Friend-Field Postcard, the largest group portrait to ever be taken in Pittsburgh of residents of Friendship, Bloomfield, and Garfield, which will be printed and distributed as a free postcard to be sent by residents to one another across neighborhoods. 

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