Chamber Music Pittsburgh Presents: David Cutler with Project Pinata

About “Swinging with a Blindfold”:
Indian rhythms, Bulgarian weddings, salsa montuno, Bach Minuets, Nuevo tango, techno grooves, Klezmer dance, jazz licks, country twang, Schumann tunes, progressive rock, Radiohead, and boogie…How might you experience this incredible feast of styles? Well, you could tour the world with a pocket musicologist. Or join pianist, composer, and “weekend traveler” David Cutler with Project Piñata for a virtuosic, genre-hopping, wild ride across the musical globe. 

“Swinging with a Blindfold”:
Shooting Stars I (selections): arr. David Cutler
The Eraser: Thom Yorke, arr. Craig Butterfield
Nine Patch: David Cutler
Shooting Stars II (selections): arr. David Cutler
Foreign Party Crasher: David Cutler
Can’t Stop Running: Adam Ben Ezra
Vango Tan Gogh: David Cutler

About David Cutler:
David Cutler is a pianist and composer equally comfortable with classical, jazz, popular, folk, and world musics. As a frequent performer with artists like Boston Brass, New Century Saxophone Quartet, and Indian kathak dancer Cynthia Ling Lee, he stretches what it means to be a musical collaborator: interacting with audiences, incorporating choreography, playing secondary instruments. His eclectic compositional output has been commissioned by artists such as the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Classical Orchestra of Milan, Korean Chamber Ensemble, and Airmen of Note Air Force Big Band.

One of the world’s leading voices on arts entrepreneurship, Dr. Cutler’s book The Savvy Musician helps musicians build a career, earn a living, and make a difference. He serves as the Director of Music Entrepreneurship at the University of South Carolina.

About Project Piñata:
Project Piñata is a virtuosic, genre-hopping trio made up of David Cutler (piano), Craig Butterfield (bass), and Marc Widenhofer (drums).  As the name implies, they love taking perfectly good music and smashing it wide open with hopes of discovering surprising sweetness on the inside. No musical style is off limits, having re-imagined everything from tango to twelve-tone to Turkish to Tchaikovsky to techno, and even some genres beginning with letters beyond “T.”   For this concert, they are delighted to be joined by violinist Erika Cutler. 

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