CC/CJ Partnership Program: Tin Can Collage

Take collage to a whole new level with repurposed metal or tin containers. Participants will learn to cut, bend, and manipulate product containers to create one-of-a-kind, original wall art. The instructor Robert Villamagna (West Virginia based artist) will also share more about imagery, composition, and methods to unify repurposed materials for a unique vision.

Robert is passionate about working with found materials, he is especially attracted to those items that show use, wear and even some rust. He works to give that discarded piece of metal, or that old photograph, a new life, a different life, and it becomes part of his creative process.

Contemporary Craft is delighted to partner with Construction Junction to present a series of hands-on art workshops focused on creative reuse on the 2nd Saturday of each month. Developed around both organizations shared interests in environmental and social impact, the workshops will support and promote recycling through the use of reused materials. All CC/CJ Partnership workshops will take place at Construction Junction located at 214 N Lexington Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208