Bricolage Saints Tour

Bricolage Production Company presents, in association with Real/Time Interventions, a new immersive experience called SAINTS TOUR. Conceived and written by playwright Molly Rice, SAINTS TOUR is a site-specific play built intentionally for the neighborhood it occupies, taking the form of a bus & walking tour during which magical things happen. 

It has been said that during the Spring Saints "emerge" in disproportionate numbers at this particular latitude and longitude (40.403402,-79.8668382), performing acts of good which often go unnoticed. SAINTS TOUR will move you through the nooks and crannies of Braddock, North Braddock and Braddock Hills, led by a Tour Guide whose family has been rooted to the land for centuries. You will traverse the landscape along the Monongahela River, up hills, over train tracks, and through sites of local lore, while listening to stories the Tour Guide tells of the "saints" that have inhabited those spaces. Along this route, you will encounter visual enchantments, sudden music, mysterious occurrences and other magical traces of local "saints" in your midst, inspired by area artists, youth and residents. 

“We will travel alone. 
We will travel together. 
We will travel alone. 
And so on.”

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