Bricolage B.U.S. Fundraiser

B.U.S is back and it's bigger, bolder, and better than ever! It's the only fundraiser of its kind in Pittsburgh, and this year we are pulling out all the stops!
An incredible line-up of local artists risk their creative necks to support Bricolage’s 2013 season. Inspired by a 90-minute city bus ride, a crew of more than 40 writers, directors, and actors have just 24 hours to write, direct, and memorize six new 10-minute plays. The last stop on the journey is an unforgettable performance at The New Hazlett Theater. Join us for food, libations, performances, music, and a silent auction in Bricolage’s typical raucous style.  
Come aboard, take a seat, and watch as the story unfolds. It’s going to be an amazing ride.
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