Biology on the Page: Delighting the Reader with Fascinating Facts with Ruth Kassinger

Join Creative Nonfiction Foundation for a free public lecture with Ruth Kassinger as she discusses how narrative can help us understand and appreciate the sciences' impact on our daily lives.

There are as many algae on Earth as stars in the universe, and they have been essential to life on our planet for eons. Algae created the Earth we know today, and algae are the ancestors of all plants. Today, seaweed production is a multi-billion dollar industry, with algae hard at work to make your sushi, chocolate milk, beer, paint, toothpaste, shampoo and so much more. Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us is by turns icky, delightful, and amazing, and it was on nearly a dozen “Best Of” lists in 2019. And for good reason. In it, Ruth Kassinger reveals the surprising truth about what most people think of as “pond scum”: that without algae, none of us would exist.

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