9th Annual "Pitts-burrrrgh" Drowned Hog Swim

The Pitts-burrrrgh Drowned Hogs are getting ready for the 9th annual plunge into the Chilly Mon to raise money and awareness for Circle C Youth and Family Services' work with at-risk kids in Pittsburgh... and to offer a little "meteorological assistance" to Punxsutawny Phil! You've GOT to know by now that:

"If the Drowned Hogs frolic in the Chilly Mon, Spring's arrival is almost won, but if they scream and run back out, Winter will be a six week bout!"

JOIN US! A Drowned Hog can be anyone with an adventurous spirit and a willingness to raise funds and take a quick dip for Circle C’s programs for kids! Got cold feet? It's OK! Support your favorite Drowned Hog's fundraising efforts here, then cheer them on at the river!

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