26th Annual Write-a-thon

A filmmaker imprisoned for giving a voice to his people... drone strikes on innocent children... a girl shot for wanting an education... What can you do about these human rights abuses form around the world? Each year thousands of people across the world mark International Human RIghts Day by taking part in AMnesty International's Write-a-thon. Join hundreds of other Pittsburghers for the 26th Annual Write-a-thon. This year features a Candlelight Ceremony as members f the community read about human rights cases and write letters for prisoners from around the world. Show you care by writing letters protesting violence to women, children, prisoners of war, torture, the death penalty. Bring family, friends, school, neighborhood groups, everyone who cares about protecting human rights. The goal- 1000 letters for human rights. You CAN make a difference and write letters to demand that the rights of individuals are respected and protected.

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