Celebrating Joni Mitchell's Birthday

lyricists-joni-mitchell-590x350 Joni Mitchell is turning 70 today! Joni has a body of work spanning 40 years as a singer, composer, and lyricist of remarkable skill and unmatched influence, having been covered more than 4000 times, according to her website. Additionally, she is a talented painter, but since we cant play paintings on the radio, you'll have to settle for her music. Today we'll be celebrating Joni Mitchell’s 70th birthday, and in her honor we'll be treating you to songs of hers throughout the day. To cap off this day of celebration, at 7:00pm we'll showcase the talent of Joni Mitchell with a one hour special program hosted by Mike Sauter. We'll provide the tunes if you bring the cake.


Hi there! I was just curious... I had to work this evening, through the 7:00 hour, fully aware the entire time that I was missing this Joni special. The woman means the world to me, and I was just (hopefully!) wondering if this will be aired at any other time in the near future and/or if there might be a recording of it (like the Morning Mix recording!) Thank you so much for airing this special, in any case! And do please let me know if there is any way that I might access the audio! Thanks for all you do!! Much Love!