Morrissey on Morrissey on Morrissey: The Audiobook

If you enjoy audiobooks and music, then you'll love Autobiography, the autobiography of Morrissey. If you like Morrisseys especially, then you'll be even more excited that a Morrissey is narrating the audiobook for of The Smiths frontman's book. It's not the author himself that narrates, but British actor David Morrissey, who currently plays the creepy Governor on AMC's The Walking Dead. Autiobiography will be released in the UK on Penguin Classics December 5th.The paper version of the book is not yet released in the United States. It has a release date of December 3rd in the States, but's unclear whether the audiobook will be come out the same day. The release of Morrissey's autobiography has been fraught with problems. A last minute disagreement over content with the publisher had Morrissey delay the launch back in September. It finally came out in October, and it came with a flood of juicy information about the author's personal life. We await Autobiography patiently and can't wait to get our ears on it.


"If you enjoy audiobooks and music" I have got to say check and check. Would love to have Morrisey the misician reading his own memoirs, but David Morrisey was a clever choice. And no one can deny that it's getting media attention.