Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin started off his latest tour Friday night in front of a sold-out crowd in Millvale.

Over the course of one-hour and ten-minutes, Mr. Radin performed songs with his three-piece band from his three-releases.  There was the poignant song that was one of the first he ever wrote around the time of  Hurricane Katrina "Everything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby)". The title track from his most recent (2010) release "The Rock and The Tide".  Showing his rock side on "Nowhere to Go".  A more pop side on "Brand New Day".  Mr. Radin, talked between songs, about being from Cleveland and how his songwriting has been influenced by two failed relationships. Brandon Walters proved he was a talented sideman by playing the guitar, keyboards and zylophone it seemed all at one time.  Audience participation was also encouraged from clapping to screaming out lyrics. "Today" was the song Mr. Radin sang at the wedding of Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi. Mr. Radin also included a song he wrote in one of his darkest times "You Got Growin' Up To Do".  "Closer" was the final song before the encore of "Winter".

Opening the show was Anya Marina. There was the first night on tour glitch when Ms. Marina's microphone was not working during her initial song.  Once that was fixed, her 35-minute set continued on with the next 6 songs, including the title track of her latest EP "Spirit School".  A combination of Cyndi Lauper and Jill Sobule crossed my mind. She also got the crowd to sing and clap along with her songs.

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Introducing "Lamplight" - EPK from Katie Costello on Vimeo.

An artist that has filmed a video at The New Hazlett Theater in Pittsburgh has a interesting, upbeat 2nd release out in February called Lamplight.



Lubriphonic plays on Friday January 28th @ The Thunderbird in Lawrenceville

Info on
Lubriphonic here
Preview by Justin Jacobs:

Like all good Americans, you like your winters snowy and white, your eagles bald and soaring and, most importantly, your funk music hot and heavy. We lucked out in Pittsburgh this month with a wild show from Maceo Parker (he of James Brown and George Clinton band fame) at the Byham Theater. On Friday, Jan. 28, we'll get another dose — up-and-comers Lubriphonic will hit the Thunderbird. Where Maceo's brand of funk included a bit of jazz, this Chicago septet rolls up the funk in a driving rock'n'roll package. I'm not too sure where they'll fit all seven players in the small Lawrenceville venue, but that should make for a loud, brassy show. Lubriphonic's latest is called The Gig Is On; seems appropriate, as funk has always been best presented with a few stiff drinks someplace where you can dance. Check them out this Friday.




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A Bit of a preview of the forthcoming R.E.M.



Many listeners have been turned onto The Low Anthem over the past couple of years. The band did a great studio session at WYEP and we carried their show Live from Club Cafe. The band was recently out on tour with the great Emmylou Harris and really impressed the crowd with their new material.

Enjoy "Ghost Woman Blues" their new video and song. The band is back for a full show in Pittsburgh on February 26th at Brillobox.



The first show of the second season of what is usually a quarterly event, the Songwriters Spotlight, took place Saturday night at the New Hazlett Theater.

Hosted by Joe Grushecky and Rick Witkowski. The guest songwriters were Greg Joseph (The Clarks), Maddie Georgi and Jeff Schmutz (Good Brother Earl).

The format:  Each singer-songwriter performs two to three of their original songs, then each performs a cover of a song that they wish they wrote, and the two hours of music ends with a group collaboration / sing-a-long.

The hosts Mr. Grushecky and Mr. Witkoswki are at each end of a semi-circle with the guest singer-songwriters in the middle.

Mr. Grushecky offered "The Sun is Going to Shine" (East Carson Street), "Another Rainy Day in Pittsburgh (Fingerprints) sounding like it was from Jimmy Webb/Burt Bacharach 1960's era, "Beauty Fades" (A Good Life), along with his cover of The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses".  He also reminisced, on the anniversary of Elvis Presely's birth, about a visit to Graceland before it was open to the public, which gave way to an impromptu short medley of Presley's songs.

Mr. Witkoswki sang the rocky hip hop Gothic "Do You Have it (Guts)" and a song from the "Prog Rock" group Crack the Sky's 3rd album that he wrote with his wife that had the 1940's feel to it "A Night on the Town" (played on the ukulele).  He covered the Carole King and Gerry Goffin penned "Will You Love Me Tomorrow".

Mr. Joseph performed "Mississippi Mud" (with a sampling of "Delta Dawn" at the end), "Snowman" (a children's song about cocaine), and "Magazine" along with a cover of David Gray's "Babylon" which was spot on.

Ms. Georgi is a freshman in college, who found herself center stage amongst the more seasoned songwriters.  She sang "Shades of Green", "I Like The Way That Feels", and "Already Gone" (about your senior year of high school going by too quickly).  Ms. Georgi's cover of Leonard Cohen's "'Hallelujah" was simply breathtaking.

Mr. Schmutz songs included "Glass Tiger" and "Firefly" with a cover of the Hank Williams Sr. song "Long Gone Lonesome Blues" which gave him a chance to yodel.

The final number was Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" with the audience accompanying the talented singer-songwriters each time on the chorus.

It was the 3rd Songwriters Spotlight I was able to attend and I look forward to future installments to discover more local singer-songwriters.

Barb S. - Sunday Mix Host




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Phish - "Meatstick" 12/31/10 New Year's Eve from Phish on Vimeo.

Phish rang in the New Year with 3 sold-out nights at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Their 12/31 show featured a 50-person choreographed "gag" revolving around the band's song "Meatstick" that culminated in the return of the band flying in a giant hot dog across the arena right before the stroke of midnight. The hot dog had been used in previous NYE gags in 1994 and 1999 and it was borrowed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where it's been on display for the past decade.

Enjoy the edited down version !



Tame Impala is an Australian psychedelic rock band. They dropped their debut full release called Innerspeaker this year and it's an incredibly groovy and adventurous experience. Words like "trippy" and "sonic" may come to mind, but that's really selling their ambition short. Check out the opening track, called "It Is Not Meant To Be."

The song is replete with trademark psychedelia, prominent guitar pedals, wayward chord modulations and toasty guitar solos. But none of those cliches hurt the song; it's an awesome listening experience.



Who is Jann Klose?  Let’s find out more about this singer-songwriter, musician, “citizen of the world” who has a song on an album that has been nominated for a Grammy.

Barb WYEP’s Sunday Mix Host (WYEP): Jann thanks for taking the time to answer some questions via email for the WYEP Music Blog.

WYEP:  You were born in Germany, raised in Kenya and South Africa, then went back to Germany, before going to Cleveland, Ohio as an exchange student.  That’s quite a mixture of cultures.  Is that reflected in your music?

Jann Klose (JK): Yes, I think it is... I've absorbed a lot of different kinds of music. From African roots music to American classic rock to European classical composers... keeps me from getting bored

WYEP:  Your song “Give In To This Life” is on a Grammy nominated (Best Spoken Word Album for Children) called “Healthy Food For Thought:  Good Enough to Eat”.  How did your song get chosen to be included on this compilation double-CD to be among such songs with titles like “Dirty Dishes”, “Sky Doodles” and “I Sailed on a Potato Chip Ship”?

JK: I knew Kevin Mackie, one of the team members involved with the project. I have another song on an earlier compilation, "Serenity House", that he had put together. When Kevin told me about the HFFT project I was eager to be involved again, it's such a great cause, one that I believe in from the bottom of my heart. The album raises money for the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food

WYEP: Your debut CD “Enough Said” was recorded in Youngstown, Ohio and released in 1997.  That seems to be far away from your roots, was it just the right time and place to make this first album a reality?

JK: I had just moved to Cleveland, Ohio and was getting my bearings on the music scene. I had sent out demos to various regional labels. One called 'Scream Records' - from Youngstown, Ohio - responded and I ended up working out a deal with them to record at their studios. I have been coming back to Youngstown ever since to play shows there whenever I'm touring though the Midwest. 

WYEP: Your band members have varied backgrounds;  jazz, orchestra, symphony, and chamber music.  It’s not typical of a singer-songwriter to have an oboe, violin, flute and accordion as accompaniment.  You also have arranged and produced some of your songs, including the strings.  Are you trying to bring a more “classical” sound to your music when you perform?

JK: Not really... I just enjoy hearing instruments and textures in combinations I'm not used to. I've also been very lucky to work with musicians that are into picking up new instruments and just like trying stuff. Chris Marolf, who's been in my band for almost 8 years now just started playing the Kora, a West-African harp. We've been using it on the road a lot. I call it the Harp-to-go.

WYEP: I’ve had the chance to do email interviews with other artists who have gone the “fan funding” route – like Jill Sobule and Luke Brindley.  Your CD “Reverie” was made with fan support and you are now raising money for your new album, The People Records Project. Please tell us more about that process and how well it’s been working for you.

JK: Well, we just started the fundraiser a couple of weeks ago and have – so far – raised $1200. It's amazing for me to see that there's that kind of support out there for musicians and artists. It's inspiring. It's always hard to ask for help but in this new paradigm of the music business, many, many bands have eliminated the middle man and have a much closer relationship with their fans. We still have a ways to go – so I encourage people to check out what we offer in return for a donation at peoplerecordsmusic.com

WYEP: Over the years you’ve had the opportunity to be around artists like Pete Seeger, Les Paul, Roger McGuinn, Rosanne Cash and Marty Stuart.  What have you learned from these encounters with such seasoned performers?

JK: Well, all the artists you mentioned are very kind, hard-working people. I think sitting in with Les Paul and his band was the most humbling – and intimidating experience... his band is just so badass. I felt like a novice. But Les made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. 

WYEP: Your music is being heard all over the world from the USA to England to Indonesia.  What would you like those of us in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to know about you and your music?

JK:  I love playing live more than anything... every show is a different experience for me. A lot has to do with the people in the audience and the venue, itself. A lot of my friends have played Club Cafe, including The Strawbs and Willy Porter. I'm looking forward to my first time there. 

WYEP: Thanks for your time Jann!

JK: My pleasure. Thanks for a nice set of questions.  

Jann Klose will be performing December 22 along with local songwriters Tim Ruff and Scott Schmitt

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"If it wasn't for John Lennon, a lot of us would be some place much different tonight. It's a hard world that asks you to live with a lot of things that are unlivable. And it's hard to come out here and play tonight, but there's nothing else to do."

~~Bruce Springsteen,from the stage the day ofter John Lennon's murder

Here's the list of songs aired during our special "John Lennon: A Life in Song."




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