Labor Day has come and gone and that means that summer is just about over.

The catchiest (and usually the most memorable) part of a pop song is the refrain.  It’s usually the easiest part of a song to sing along to and we know that kids

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times:  Kids love to dance.  There’s just no stopping them.  Once their little feet start moving, look out!

It comes as no surprise that children love reggae.  The genre's mix of rhythm and blues, jazz and rocksteady with hints of African and Latin American influences is naturally suited to dancing.
The Cars' most popular party song - Shake It Up - is pretty popular among the younger set, as well.
In 2009, They Might Be Giants released a wonderful album called Here Comes Science.  This album is fun and educational for children and adults, alike.
Join Joey Spehar he brings kid approved songs to The Morning Mix! Every weekday at 8:15, Joey will share a story from a fellow parent talking about a song they've enjoyed along with their child.