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American singer/songwriter, known to be somewhat of an introvert, Cat Power and the popular London act Coldplay have premiered a new collaboration to be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming fil
As two decades approach of Oasis' most iconic album ever, the band has decided to reissue its 1995 release (What's The Story) Morning Glory? which features classics "Don’t Look Back In Anger,
The Who recently hit its 50th anniversary and while many in the UK were excited to hear the band would be touring there again later this year, fans worldwide got something exciting to look forward to
Any normal person driving past RCA Studio A, practically hidden on Music Row street corner, would imagine the place was an apartment complex rather than one of the most important buildings in country
"Pig In A Pen" is classic bluegrass and what do ya know, it's about life on the farm.
In a recent interview with The Guardian Lana Del Ray offered comments about her idols in music, but is now getting backlash from the daughter of one of those idols.
With one single phrase, Ohio Players wrote one of the biggest jams of the 70s, and though love is like a rollercoaster, the song is a staple.
I don't think anyone aspires to live in a trash can like Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, but this song from the Elmopalooza soundtrack featuring Aerosmith's Steven Tyler perfectly sums up the car
The Icelandic pop-star Björk has made an impact as not only having great music, but integrating it with art, making for the unique visually exciting things she does.