July 7 Rollin and Tumblin BluesBlog

July 7

Love Pittsburgh Music Month continues in July on Rollin & Tumblin, each week we’ll feature a Pittsburgh Blues artist with a deeper look at their work with one song each hour.

Tune in from 9pm to midnight on July 13 when we feature the work of Jill West & Blues Attack!

They describe their own style as “hard edged blues with a guitar blast, in the tradition of the Vaughn brothers, B. B. King, and Muddy Waters”. But Jill and the band have certainly infused Pittsburgh into their work and influenced a new generation of women to play the Blues in Pittsburgh.

To learn more about how you can take part in Love Pittsburgh Music Month, click the link below:



Thanks again to Ron Esser from Band Together Pittsburgh for stopping in last night to give us a preview of the upcoming 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Blues & Roots Festival!



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