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In 2009, The Love Language released their brilliant self-titled debut. It went largely overlooked.

I take some pleasure in loving an under-appreciated band -- a secret treasure that you don't want to share, for fear that its meaning might be taken away from you. They're bands that teeter on the edge of obscurity, armed with great songs that beg to be heard, and for at least a little while, they're yours alone. But you know that the day will come when everyone gets wise and flocks to them too.

And there's nothing you can do about it.

On the other hand, how can these bands get their deserved adoration if I keep them to myself? Continue Reading..



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Roots rock, alternative country, folk, and indie are all terms to which Wilco's sound has been likened. Most bands loathe being pigeonholed into a particular sound, and if you ask them what genre they fall into, you can actually see them cringe. Yet we all feel the need to relegate bands to made up genre names, and in recent years defining a band by a specific sub-genre (chillwave, anyone?) has become the norm. But, for me, Wilco are an American rock and roll band: plain and simple. Continue reading... -->



Once in a great while you hear music that just makes you feel cool.

Every time it comes on, you feel like you should be walking in slow motion, dark shades on, gliding into a room as all eyes fix on you. Maybe you're wearing an old, black, leather jacket and flicking a cigarette as smoke billows from your mouth.

There are only a handful of groups in recent memory that have given me that feeling: Autolux, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Leonard Cohen, to name a few. And now, thanks to their new album, Eyelid Movies, Phantogram have joined those hallowed ranks. Read More.



Every once in a while you hear something instantly raises your eyebrows and you must know who is creating it. That is what happened to me when I first heard Fitz & The Tantrums.

Mainly because in this day and age soul music isn't nearly as popular as it once was in the 60's. And that's a real shame if you ask me. Some of the best songs ever made are soul songs. "Change Is Gonna Come" ,"My Girl" and "Where Did Our Love Go" just to name a few and I could go on and on.

Fitz & The Tantrums come to us from Los Angeles and began when the groups leader Michael Fitzpatrick purchased a old church organ for $50 from a friends roommate who needed money for a last minute move.

Fitzpatrick found that the organ inspired his songwriting and began writing what was to be Fitz & The Tantrums first EP Songs For A Breakup Vol.1. Once friend James King was brought into the fold to add horn arrangements they knew they were onto to something and Fitz & The Tantrums were born.

These sharply dressed gentlemen have a sound that would fit nicely into any Stax or Motown Records catalogue and I think you'll agree their first single "Breakin The Chains Of Love" is a undeniably catchy song and once you've reached the first hook your eyebrows will be raised as well. Its yours to download below.

Fitz & The Tantrums - Breakin The Chains Of Love


New Music


Fitz & The Tantrums Motown Records Stax Records

Ready or not, don't fret. This deceptively-named band actually comes from the land down under -- Townsville, Queensland, Australia to be exact.

They create music as beautiful and diverse as the Great Barrier Reef itself. Their strings, harmonies, and layers have delighted audiences worldwide, yet they remain one of Australia's best kept secrets.

But now, they have their sights set on America. Read More.




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