WYEP Studio Session: Soul Asylum


Alternative rock band Soul Asylum performed in the WYEP Studios on February 18, 2013, before playing a show at The Altar Bar in the Strip District. The band played “Gravity” and “By the Way,” from their 10th full-length studio album, 2012’s Delayed Reaction, as well as the story-telling song “String of Pearls” from their 1995 release Let Your Dim Light Shine.

Talking to WYEP’s Mike Sauter, frontman Dave Pirner said that the inspiration for “Gravity,” Delayed Reaction’s lead single, resulted from “having a kid that was really into Star Wars. It made me think about outer space a lot, about real space travel, and I just started watching old footage of dudes floating around, and the whole outer space thing turned into a gravity situation, where I do feel sort of like my feet are stuck to the ground sometimes.”

After Soul Asylum’s lead guitarist and co-founder Dan Murphy left the band last October, Pirner remained as the only original member. However, he said the new lineup has given the band a renewed sense of purpose. “We’re experiencing some sort of a rebirth. It’s really pretty exciting. When Michael [Bland] joined the band, he sort of took the reigns. I read in a drummer magazine that Michael is credited for taking the band out of its mid-tempo malaise. Michael really likes to push the envelope and he really likes to play hard and go back into the old catalogue and find stuff that is challenging. We didn’t necessarily know what we were doing back then. There’s a lot of aggression that’s reminiscent of being a really angry young man.”

Pirner said, in addition to continuing their tour, Soul Asylum is close to releasing a new album. “We’re going to tour and record and do the thing we’ve been doing as long as we can. It’s a strange way to make a living, but it’s good work if you can get it. I like it much better than mowing lawns.”



Songs Performed: 

1) Gravity

2) By the Way

3) String of Pearls