WYEP Studio Session: Minus the Bear


Minus the Bear in the WYEP Studios on September 21, 2012 The Seattle based band, Minus The Bear, dropped by WYEP to perform a few songs and talk about their new record Infinity Overhead. They also spoke about how they celebrated ten years together last year (2011): “We had a cake and put ten candles on it… No, actually we went on tour. We played our first full length record in it’s entirety on tour,” says lead singer and guitarist Jake Snider. Snider spoke of highlights since their formation in 2001, including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. He explains how you handle a screaming crowd when playing Kimmel “You just have to keep yourself calm with all those young teenagers around… They make it very much like a regular concert.” On the new album, Infinity Overhead, Snider comments “I think it’s more rock than the last record, for sure. It’s definitely more guitar-oriented. It’s kinda gnarlier in terms of tones.” Guitarist Dave Knudson explains further about the techniques he went for on the new record, “There was a conscious effort to get the guitar sounds filthy and nasty and get it back into the Minus The Bear guitar world that people all know.” Although on the album, the guitars may get heavy and nasty, Minus the Bear actually toned it down and played a lovely acoustic set on WYEP.
Songs performed:
1) Steel & Blood
2) Empty Party Room
3) Diamond Light Wing

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