WYEP Studio Session: Joy Ike


Joy Ike in the WYEP Studios - originally broadcast on March 18, 2013

Pittsburgh singer songwriter, Joy Ike, plays songs from her new album All or Nothing, her third release. She discusses her beginnings in music and how she “didn’t take music seriously until her college years”. Her new release was produced by Saul Simon (who has worked with Ingrid Michaelson, Jenny Owen Youngs, April Smith, etc). Ike says that she learned the practice of patience when working with Simon who keeps a busy schedule. “I kept saying to myself ‘I really want to get an album out by 2012, so I have something new!’ but I learned how important it was to sit and wait for things to happen at the right time,” Says Ike. She also speaks of her success on Kickstarter, a website that allows artists to reach out to fans to fund their projects. “At least every 2 weeks, I get an email from some random person who asks me questions about Kickstarter. The number one thing I’ve learned is that by the time you’re about to run a Kickstarter, it’s almost too late to develop the relationship with your fans to ask them for money. So I remind them to continue to cultivate that relationship with their fans throughout the course of your music career. To really care enough about your fans, so when you ask them for help, they know  you’re not using them for their money, but because you know they care enough about your music to want to be a part of it.” Ike has successfully funded two albums using Kickstarter and definitely practices what she preaches when it comes to connecting with her fans, “I love my fans! If I could bake them all cookies I would!”

Set List: 

Everything you Have

No Matter What


Pick Me Up

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