WYEP Presents Bricolage Production Company's "Midnight Radio"

WYEP presents an episode of Brocolage Production Company's "Midnight Radio", featuring the original play, "The Haunted". Based on first-hand research, "The Haunted" is an especially spooky installment of Midnight Radio written by Bricolage’s own artistic director Jeffrey Carpenter and writer Matthew Adams. The story follows a young research analyst who unwittingly discovers a chilling account of local history and is compelled to follow his newly awakened intuition. What does it mean to be truly haunted? Are ghosts real? Can someone be possessed by a spirit? Conjuring local legends and nearby landmarks that are rumored to be haunted, Midnight Radio unearths the past in the most terrifying way.
Disclaimer: This episode is NOT appropriate for children.
Midnight Radio is the company’s hit live variety show performed in the style of a classic old-time radio broadcast. This episode was recorded live at Bricolage's Theater space in Downtown Pittsburgh.
More information on Bricolage Production Company can be found on their website.
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