White Hinterland on The Morning Mix


Casey Dienel (White Hinterland) talks to Cindy Howes on The Morning Mix. Dienel recently released her album Baby which has been in the works for four years now.

Dienel’s choice to move from Portland, Oregon back to her hometown with her family was a good choice that made her happier as an artist. “Where I grew up was a really, really small town.” “There’s like a misnomer that artists need unhappiness or a lack of joy or hardships to make art. I think I actually work better the opposite, when I’m happy. Moving back [home] definitely made me very happy.”

Though Portland is a great city, Dienel said she felt too much like the rest of the other people there. “If there was one thing about Portland that I struggled with, it was being surrounded by so many ppl that look, sound, think like me.” “I kind of like to live somewhere where things aren’t as perfect, but you’re pitching in as best you can.”

On the new record Dienel strays away from her usual, gentle self, and shows more edgy creativity in lyrics like “I’m the razor blade in your bar soap.” While watching a few Japanese horror flicks, she said she started to understand violence without condoning it. In songs it’s okay to say these unspeakable things, she says. “Our sanity is like the thickness of paper.”

After recording Baby Dienel learned some advice from her grandfather about singing that “you don’t really grow into your voice until you’re thirty.” “I think the reason I’m able to work at [singing] as much as I do is because it’s just really, really, really fun.”

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