Warren Haynes Guest DJ


Warren Haynes was in town performing the songs of Jerry Garcia with The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.  He spoke with Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix about 3 of his favorite Garcia-penned tunes: Terrapin Station, China Doll, and Stella Blue.

The first song Warren Haynes chose was one of his favorite Greatful Dead songs - Terrapin Station.  Haynes described Terrapin Station as a "marvelously arranged and composed piece of music.  It defies categorization in Garcia's catalogue and his influences come from many different directions."  Terrapin Station was released in 1977 and is "one of the most unique pieces of music I've heard by anyone," according to Haynes.

Haynes explained that one of his favorite characteristics of Jerry Garcia's writing was not only the rock, pop, and obvious influences that make up the Greatful Dead; but also the folk and classical influences as well.  "If you don't have those influences you would have a lack of depth," explained Haynes.  He stated that he was drawn to "extremely well written ballads, especially with depth that goes beyond immediate influences" like in China Doll.  

A "big song in Jerry Garcia's world," according to Haynes was Stella Blue.  This song was open to interpretation for Jerry Garcia and was never performed the same way, as it was given a different feel or swing each night.  Haynes explained to Joey that although it changed, "the chord progression and melody always stuck with me."  Estella Blue has a "timelessness" stated Haynes, "its melodic sensability goes back decades."

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