Trampled By Turtles Interview


Trampled By Turtles frontman Dave Simonett joined Joey Spehar on The Morning Mix to discuss the band's new album Wild Animals.

Simonett started the string band Trampled By Turtles as a side project over ten years ago and even though it’s 2014 the traditional roots of bluegrass haven’t strayed from the progression of Trampled By Turtles.  Simonett says he can’t exactly pinpoint inspiration behind any of the new songs until after the music was already written. Family, life at home, past struggles and the context of any given time period “get boiled down into a song.”

Simonett says Alan Sparhawk, of the indie rock band Low, helped on the new album but not in his usual drone-like style. “Low specifically, being is such a minimalist approach to music, really helped us become what I think is more importantly ‘all parts of the whole of a song’ instead of everyone going in their own directions at the same time.”

One of the new album’s interesting aspects is the band’s ability to create an array of sounds like wind which Simonett says was did either with strings and reverb or multiple parts put together. “Instead of huggin’ the keyboard and finding a drum sound, we tried to do it with a violin and a cello or put the banjo through and electric guitar amp or something like that.”

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