Tom Brosseau on The Morning Mix


Cindy connects with Tom Brosseau while he is in his home state of North Dakota. While Brosseau has been living and performing in Los Angeles for more than 11 years there is something about North Dakota that always brings Brosseau back, “Physically I guess I just feel so much a part of the fabric there every fiber of my body is North Dakotan, I know that even though I enjoy going to other places I’ll probably return to North Dakota when I am old and gray”.

For Grass punks Brosseau recorded with Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek, a project where he not only made a colleague but also a great friend, “it wasn’t until 2011 or so that Sean and I started hanging out and playing, and as a result this record came together and it was a lot of fun because I knew him but through this process of making a record together we became good things” he also points out how Watkins added a welcome element to his music, “what he brought to my record was kind of everything that my songs needed, I write very minimalisticly and Sean just has a knack for filling in the blanks”.  

Brosseau has also been playing and working with actor John C. Reilly who he connected with at a show, “he happened to be in the audience at the time…he said if you ever want to sing together just for the love of singing and playing I’m a huge Everly Brothers fan, so we have this foundation that we connected on”. John C. Reilly and Friends is Reilly’s band that features Brosseau. The group focuses on preserving old time folk tunes, a genre of music that is a long time passion of Brosseau, “I think it needs to be carried on…this is what a lot of my family did for fun and I’m honoring that and I hope that other people will continue to do that, it is such a great thing we have these American folk songs”.

Brosseau discusses his unique guitar style and those who have influenced him. Many of his big influences include Maybelle Carter, Elizabeth Cotton, and Etta Baker. Tom has a particular love for artists of the 80’s and was taught Guitar by his Grandmother an act that help set him on his musical path, “I appreciated having a family member sit down and spend time with me that way”

Tom Brosseau’s newest album Grass Punks is now available.

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