The Local 913: Wreck Loose


Max Somerville doesn’t like to come out much, unless music is involved, of course. The reclusive keyboard player and front man of Pittsburgh’s Wreck Loose, got inspired to write their latest single after moving from one of Pittsburgh’s destination neighborhoods.

"I think it was originally going to be called, “Someone Get Me Out of Lawrenceville,” which ended up happening. I live in Bellvue now, a little bit outside the city you’d say, but it just didn’t really work out, lyrically, so it ended up being, “Somebody please get me out of here,” which led to me doing a lot of research on kidnappings and some really dark stuff that’s really not that great to get into now, but it really kind of fueled the lyrics to the song."

Don’t worry, though, the song sounds much brighter than, that. And it looks really vibrant, too!

"Our buddy Johnathan Hape, he has a band in Columbus, OH called Room and Board and he had been doing these stop-motion animation videos and we just hit him up and he said, “I’d love to do this,” and he did an amazing job. We actually got it the day before the [release] show so we had no idea what we were going to get, there was going to be no edits or anything. That was kind of the surprise and he did an awesome job."

The video really is awesome.

Wreck Loose are working diligently on their sophomore album and plan to release it this year. Take a listen to "Trapped In The Basement."

Photo by Andrew Scalise