The Local 913: Working Breed


Working Breed makes a type of music that’s hard to pin down. "We call it Art Rock," says frontwoman Erika June Christina Laing, "But, really, that’s a way for us to be unconstrained and let us play any kind of music that we feel like playing." Atypical instrumentation abounds in Working Breed’s music and Laing has been working for years to perfect one of the group’s most unusual additions – the musical saw, saying, "I thought, 'Oh, it would be great to incorporate this as a real instrument and push it to be a melodic instrument – something that you can use to convey not just a creepy sound, but a real melody.'"

Regardless of what the music ends up sounding like, Laing says the message is the most important part. "It’s really important to me to say something with music," she says, "And so I think I pack too much into one song every time, but there you have it!" Working Breed’s song "My Chimera" packs in a lot of thought, emotion, and soul searching into that message. Of that song Laing says, "I think it’s an interesting concept because the definition itself is mishmash of things. So, I started thinking about what a chimera would be applied to myself in a metaphorical way. 'What is my chimera like? What are all the facets of my personality that are inside of me?'"