The Local 913: Trinity Wiseman


Although, she’s still in high school, singer songwriter Trinity Wiseman is a veteran of the stage.

“I started performing when I was 11 at bars. My parents would take me. One of the guys that owned the guitar shop I was taking lessons at was like, ‘Oh, she’s really good. You should take her out. We’ll let her play in our set breaks.’ Sp, we went out. I just got up there and played with them. It was crazy. I remember I was really nervous the first time I went up there, but they played with me. They just fed off of what I was playing on the guitar. They harmonized with what I was doing and helped me be more comfortable.”

Wiseman was the winner of this year’s WYEP Singer-Songwriter competition. 

“So, we got there right before I went on. It was crazy! My adrenaline was pumping and I got up there and sang my song “Sleep Walking,” which is ironically one of two happy songs that I play. We waited around. It was upsetting I didn’t get to see the other people play, but it was really great just to see how all the musicians were very supportive of each other. They all just wanted the best for everybody else that was there. Hearing my name get called for first place- I just lost the breath that I had in me. I had to get up there and sing an encore song. It was just great- everyone there was really great!”

For more on Trinity Wiseman, check out her website.