The Local 913: The Summercamp


The Summercamp is bit of a melting pot of musical influences. "Camp counselor" and guitarist Mitchell McDermott describes the band’s inspirations in scientific terms. "It’s like a Venn diagram, he says, "We listen to a lot of the same music, but I think the strengths come from the outer parts of that Venn diagram. It’s really nice to have those things we don’t all like, but have the nice core that works together." And work together it does. You’ll hear some psych rock in there with hip hop flourishes, but you’ll also hear punk and reggae mingling on the dancefloor with soaring vocals tying it all together.

As far as topics go, The Summercamp prefer to tackle dark matters. McDermott says that technology plays a big role in the themes they examine. One of the big topics, according to McDermott, is "the feeling of anxiety and uncertainty in this ever-changing digital age. It’s almost 2020. We’re in the future now and things are just weird. How do you carve out a spot for yourself?" Or, to be precise, how do you cautiously carve out a spot for yourself? The new record is named after a private web browswer. McDermott explains that, "Incgonito mode is that Chrome browser where you can go online and nobody knows what you’re doing and that’s some of the anxiety described on the record – wanting to be out there and be heard, but also not wanting to put all of your information out there for everyone to see."

Don’t worry, though, The Summercamp also like to let loose and have some fun. The song “Pachinko,” for example, was born out of a social experiment of sorts according to McDermott, "Connor and I spent 8 hours at the casino one night and didn’t spend any money!"

Photo by Connor Lindsay 

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