The Local 913: The Red Western


Pittsburgh indie rock group The Red Western recently released a the single “Don’t Blame it on Me,” which was their first time working in a studio outside their own. The band recorded at Treelady studios. Frontwoman Lauren Delorenze says the song come together naturally,

“We were jamming in rehearsal and somebody played a riff and it sounded good and we just built on it. That’s how we’ve been writing recently. People still bring whole songs to the band and that’s great and easy. I feel like we’ve evolved and become more collaborative. I prefer the songs that result as a bit of the collaboration.”

The band has recently thrived on working together on their songwriting

“Its way more fun to collaborate and we’re able to develop our own sound when we collaborate. I feel like there are a couple songs that our guitar player John brought to the table and you can tell; they’re very technical. The songs that we write together are a little bit more fun because there’s a little piece of everybody in them.”

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