The Local 913: The Early Mays


Formed in 2012, The Early Mays offer old-time folk music from three distinct personalities. 

“Ellen is a beautiful singer, steeped in old ballads and old time music. She’s also a classical musician and brings her improvisation on piano to the group sometimes, which is super exciting. Rachel Eddy is the newest member; she joined in 2015. She’s a well versed old-time musician, extremely talented on multiple instruments: fiddle, banjo, guitar. I’m Emily, like Ellen, I’m a founding member of the band. I love singing, I love stringed instruments. I love old-time music; that’s where Ellen, Rachel and I really overlap.”

That’s Emily Pinkerton, who wrote the song “Say-O” on their new album Chase The Sun

“That’s a song that kicks off the album. It’s upbeat, but it has a lot of layers of poetry to dig through. In terms of those old-time songs that sound so happy, but have other stories to tell when you really stop and listen. It’s a new composition. It has harmonies, which are the heart of what we do – three part harmonies. It has a high energy old-time backbone to it, that’s what I like about that song.” 

More on The Early Mays is at their website.

Photo by Polly Whitehorn.