The Local 913: The Dark Lines


Formed in 2013, the garage-pop band The Dark Lines has some theatrical elements to their sound thanks to front-woman Tiffany Hickman, who studied musical theater at Point Park. 

“A lot of the stuff you need technique wise is built into my DNA. That really frees me up when I’m on stage to think about the performing aspect of it. I try to communicate the feelings of a song rather than worry about hitting a note. Additionally, my experience with being an actor has helped me conceptualize performing onstage with a band. I view it as a theatrical experience and I try to act my songs as much as I can.”

The band just released their debut EP, Future Self, which features their song “Don’t Talk.”

“It’s called “Don’t Talk,” so I think it’s pretty straight forward in its meaning. Having a moment with someone and that person thinking they can add more to that moment by speaking. The narrator, which comes from me, says we don’t need the talking. We’ve had the moment and the moment is the moment and let it be just what it is.”


For more about The Dark Lines, check out their Facebook.